GMP Good Manufacturing Practices

The institution is dealt with in all its aspects, which are the basic characteristics that it must possess and the different standards of each production process. It determines and controls the quality and reliability of the production site, the environment, the tool – equipment, production process, employees and raw materials. GMP, which covers the drugs, cosmetics and food sectors, covers this sector by adopting the cosmetic law, which provides for the acceptance of detergents and cleaning products in the category of “cosmetics”.

It is a standard that includes preventive measures for the internal and external conditions related to the organization in order to prevent or reduce the possibility of pollution of the product from internal and external sources. This application is one of the basic methods in the production and distribution of food products, which is a series of technologies that must be applied continuously in the stages of raw materials, equipment, and the development of products, production, packaging, storage and distribution to ensure quality in products.

When companies that use the GMP good manufacturing system apply to the form of certificates, the contract is concluded first. After that, the Certificate Esting Commission began to audit. However, before certification studies began, the company must have identified the workflow related to each activity, prepared commercial operations, and wrote application instructions that explain how to carry out works. In addition, he must act according to these prepared actions during its activities.

Cleanliness and hygiene are the most sensitive system issues. Cleaning rules for the places produced or serve. Conditions of ventilation, heating and humidity in these areas must be determined and maintained regularly at the required levels. In addition, the monitoring records must be kept and inspectors must determine this situation.

Technical documents related to products are requested from the institution and a preliminary study begins on all prepared documents. In this initial study, after correcting the apparent defects and errors, actual field inspections are performed in the company’s production facilities.

The necessary tests and analyzes are conducted, and auditors prepare a report at the end of their studies, and the certificate issuance issue decides to obtain a certificate of good manufacturing system GMP based on this report. Otherwise, the entity is expected to correct any deficiencies and discovered errors.